We had some friends round recently to the office – played some games, ate some curry – you know, that sort of thing. Our friends came from Tabletop Insider and Brueckenkopf-Online.com and they took some great photos that we just couldn’t wait to share with you guys!

Hailing from Germany, the guys got to hang out with Ronnie and Alessio and, after checking out all the new stuff, got to play a demo game:

Checking the new stuffThe game begins

Beer and PretzelsAwaiting the clash

Now that set the stage for the greatest clash ever to take place in the Mantic Office (though of course, those of you attending the Open Day will get to rectify that!) – let the slaughter begin!

11 Get the bones!14 Riders of Doom

12 The slaughter begins15 Berserkers

The Kings of War game is being released at the end of October and there will be a free copy of the rules in every issue of Tabletop Insider 5, in German. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to pick up the German version of the Game at the Essen Spiele show at the end of October as well!!

Now all this slaughter has made us hungry…

19 Curry

That’s better – drop us a comment below with your thoughts and let’s see some battle reports eh!

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