There are only 24 hours of the Kings of War Kickstarter remaining. Our Black Friday Bonanza also ends at midnight 1st December!

There are only 24 Hours of Kings of War remaining!

This is your final chance to get involved on the Kings of War Kickstarter and get yourself a 2nd Edition rulebook, and/or a new fantasy army – including the new Forces of the Abyss and Forces of Nature armies. The campaign closes at 11:59pm GMT Monday 1st December.

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The hard plastic Salamanders are funded. The hard plastic Naiads are up next.

The God of War pledge is a great value way of getting yourself an army for the new edition PLUS the rulebooks, kickstarter exclusives AND the stretch goal rewards for whatever army you choose – like Forest Shamblers in the Elf army, or Berserker Braves in the Ogres.


Big Armies, Big Battles

Ultimate Tyrant Pledges

But what happens when you want all of the armies? Or maybe you’re part of a club and you and a few mates want to get involved on the Kickstarter together?

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday and we’re bringing back a very limited number of the Ultimate Tyrant pledge level.

The Ultimate Tyrant pledge is $850 and includes:

– God of War ($150), including your choice of any 2 Starter Armies or 1 Mega-Starter Army

– Eight Mega-Starter Armies ($800)

That’s one $100 Mega-Starter Army FREE! We will also add the Forces of Nature Mega-Starter Army for FREE as well.

We introduced the first Ultimate Tyrant pledges last week and they sold out instantly. We’ve constantly been asked for more ever since so don’t miss your chance to get one.

The Ultimate Tyrant pledge level will go live around 1:00pm GMT as part of our Cyber Monday celebrations. Don’t miss it!


Cyber Monday Celebrations

Not only is the Kickstarter finishing, but there’s just 24 hours remaining on our THANKSGIVING2014 15% off discount code.

Head on over to the webstore and use the code above to get 15% off everything in the webstore, including the returning Mantic Christmas Crazy Box!

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