So did anyone notice yesterday’s awareness test?

Yes, so we made a mistake and posted up the wrong back of the box shot – thanks to everyone who wrote in and let us know! Orcy’s new random picture generator still has a few bugs, but we’re ironing them out – turns out he couldn’t read the DO NOT USE label on the PDF.

Here’s the correct back of the box shot – now with 40 Grunts!


The Fate of the Forgestar box contains 1 Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm, 1 Marauder Raptor, 10 Steel Warriors, 5 Stormrage Veterans and 40 Marauder Grunts – add to that Warpath rules, dice and an extra free five Steel Warriors (well, 6 really!) and that’s less than £1 per infantry model and 2 Vehicles on top to boot, retailing at over £80 individually, not including the extra 5 free models.

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