With the Orcies done and dusted, we’ve now put together an awesome little photo gallery of the event onto Flickr. Capturing the Warehouse Tour (and even a peak into the secret room…), Kings of War, Dwarf King’s Hold, Golem, Bob Naismith and much much more (including the after show drinks!), this gallery gives you a little taster of what you can begin to expect from our next Open Day. As this event proved over the last one, we aim to get bigger and better each time!


Check out the Gallery here and let us know what you think below!


Also, slight technical problems have meant that we cannot post the videos for the seminars. Boo hiss I hear you all cry, so we sat Ronnie down and scribbled out the answers to your top 5 questions (and a sixth for giggles) submitted to us through the blog and Facebook instead! Check out Ronnie’s replies here.

Event LadyOK, this picture actually came from an event we supported in California,

but you get the idea – Mantic Events are cool!

If all of this has got you excited, watch our for our Warpath Launch Party on the 12th November… and don’t forget to link your Open Day photos below or submit them to info@manticgames.com!

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