So we’ve had a couple of WIP sculpts of what’s coming in the future, but what about the gaming side of the Orcs; how do they stack up against the other races in a scrap?


Well Alessio has finished the draft of the Orc Army List and Beasts of War put it out last night into the wilderness for your guys to, as usual, playtest it for us. We’re looking for what you like, what you don’t like, what you’d change… so why not let us know on the Beasts of War discussion group for the Beta testing? You’re feedback will make a difference to the final rules!

Of course, the Army List does just more than let you game with the Orcs, it also drops a few hints about what we want to do with the range… so get and download the Army List and let us know what you think!

With 5 Attacks and Crushing Strength (2), the Orc Krudger is a brutal in combat

With 5 Attacks and Crushing Strength (2), the Orc Krudger is exellant and smashing apart from armour

The Orc Army List is available for Free Download from our website here. The Beasts of War BETA discussion group to leave your feedback can be found here.

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