First up, bit of non-Orc news – the Name that unit contest for our new Undead cavalry ends at midnight tonight, with the winner being revealed later this week. The prize? Why a box of Mantic’s finest Plastic Resin Revenant Knights of course! Get your entries in now and we’ll show off the sculpts and models for June’s new Undead next week!

Back to Orc week now – Monday 23rd May marks the release date for, amongst other things, the Orc Krudger’s Gang. Golem’s paintjob put us in a bit of a spin once five-time Golden Demon winner Dave had finished with it and we thought it deserved it’s own little feature so we asked them to take us some detailed pictures of the model, which you can see in our Orc Hero Focus feature in our new Orc Gallery – including a nice 360 degree view of the model. You can check it out here in the hub!

Orc Krudger on GoreNot quite 3D, but now available in 360!

It’s worth remembering of course that the Orc Krudger’s Gang is included free in Gakamak’s Green Tide and also features  in Garlak’s Monstrous and Barbarous Hordes, as well as a load of other cool stuff. As with all of our fantastic army deals, they all ship post free – even to the southern hemisphere – as do all orders over £25, €30 and $50. If the orcs have taken your fancy, orders over these values also include a free Orc Ax Sprue!

Sure to get tongues wagging

Over 150 brand new models, including Limited Edition Orc Wizard!

The Orc Krudger’s Gang will also be available for sale at the Triples show in Sheffield on the 21st and 22nd May. If you want to reserve your set now, just place your order online and send us a contact form afterwards and we’ll bring the set with us and you can pick it up on the day, just so long as you bring a copy of your order number!

Anyway, we think the Orc Krudger looks great – suitably great in fact that they will shortly be followed by new Greatax pics and then we’ll get into the new previews later in the week, including the tantalising Morax kit! Let us know what you think below!

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