Now that the blog is back up and running, normal service is now resumed – and what better to show you than what came through our inbox a short while ago!

Greatax – one of the more dangerous units in the Orc Army List (who are we kidding, all the units are dangerous!) – carry the best weapons and wear the most armour. Armed with a flash new paintjob from Golem Painting Studio, we’ve now uploaded a new Greatax Gallery feature to the Orc hub, showcasing the two different unit types you can field in your army, as well as some close ups on the single models and command group.

Orc-Greatax-10-Left-Mantic-Games-smallClick through to see more Close-up pictures

The guys were pretty excited to receive these models and, when asked what they thought, here’s what they said: “The models look suitably brutal, with lots of little details to pick out and nice sharp lines to build in contrast with the paintjob. The models would sit right at home in an Ax unit and since all the kits are cross-compatiable, there’s alot of potential to create really characterful units – with judicious use of Orclings of course!”

The Orc Greatax Troop and Regiment will be available at Triples this weekend and will start shipping on Monday alongside the Krudger’s Gang and Gakamak’s Greentide which includes 40 of these awesome miniatures!

Let us know what you think!

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