An Orcy Round-Up is in order because there is just so much going on!

So, what’s first? Well, there’s free shipping on orders over £25, 35 and $50, all of our £99 or less Army Deals are ending (including Garlak’s Barbarous Horde and Gakamak’s Greentide) on Monday 1st August and we’re giving away free Journal 3: Kings of War with every post-free order!

If that’s not enough, last week we unveiled a load of new Orcy goodness including…

Orc Gore Riders


Orc Morax


Orcling Horde

OrclingsThese plastic Orclings are found on the Orc Ax,

Greatax and Orc Command sprues.

Following that, yesterday saw all of July New Releases leaving the warehouse – Dwarf King’s Hold: Dead Rising is now out of stock (again!) and Beasts of War finished off their Dwarf King’s Hold week with two videos on Treasure, Cave-ins and a Backstage Pass look at what the future holds for Dwarf King’s Hold.

Phew… everything’s just massively busy!

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