After a hectic weekend of Warpath, there’s so much news going on it’s time for another Orcy news round-up!

1. The Mantic Website will Return…

We’ve lost Orcy, and we fear he’s got into the depths of Mantic Towers basement (some say this haunted domain was the inspiration for Jake Thornton’s Dwarf King’s Hold game after he was trapped down there). What’s particularly worrying is he ran off wearing a tin foil hat screaming something about our website and, despite despatching a crack team of Forge Father’s to hunt him down, the website will be unavailable tomorrow – though you’ll want to make sure you look out for it’s return on the 2nd September to see what we’ve been up too!

2. And all things shall end…

Today is the last day of August Free Shipping on all orders over £25, 30 Euros and $50. In addition, the Bonus Mantic Point Month of August is nearly over. As a final day gift (this special offer is disappearing tomorrow!) and to celebrate the end of our green August, we’ve halved the number of points you need to get the Goblin and Mawbeast and Orc Shaman!

ManticPointGoblinandMawbeastsGoblin and Mawbeast – One Day Special!

All you have to do is pop one in you basket, checkout and send us your 25 Mantic Points, and you’re shiny new model will be pushed out the door and on it’s way to you!

3. Orcs are now released!

That’s right – August has been a long old month but the Orc Gore Riders, Morax and Orc army set have now been released and will be winging their way to you in due course!


Orc Gore Riders

4. Mantic on the Warpath!

Poor puns aside, our subscriber special army deals went up for pre-order on the weekend to give people the choice on pre-ordering the sets (and getting the rules signed by Alessio for the first 11 Days 11 Hours and 11 Minutes!) if they want too.


These army deals – the best that we will be doing – won’t be disappearing any time soon, and it’s a given that more painted imagery and photography is coming soon. This weekend brings with it more Warpath goodness, so make sure you keep an eye on those newsletters!

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