After Orcy’s obvious delight yesterday to the news that Dwarf King’s Hold: Green Menace would be Elves versus Orcs, he quickly had a portrait of himself commissioned – we can see the likeness, but we think Orcy has exaggerated his body features a little bit.

After some choice words from Orcy’s considerable vocabulary  (and Orcy’s Hammer, which in his mind is also considerable), we’ve now got a cover for Dwarf King’s Hold: Green Menace – click the thumbnail for a better look!

s-Hold-Green-Menace-coverWe think this image gives you a good idea about what the

game will be like – quick Elves and tough Orcs!

We think it looks stunning and we’re been making good use of it in making a Dwarf King’s Hold hub page – watch out for that coming soon! Whilst we’re on the subject of DKH, why not check out our new Dwarf King’s Hold Forum?

As ever, drop us your comments below!

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