1472889_639192456139474_408716452_nSo, just to give everyone an idea of what’s going on at the open day on the 17th May, the team here thought we’d share the highlights and give you a chance to decide what you’d like to take part in.

We’re also going to be sharing information on our Facebook page in the coming weeks, plus you’ll get the chance, if you want, to meet the team, to come and say hi.  It’s also our first event where our Organized Play manager (Chris) and our Community Manager (Kai) will be in attendance so you can welcome them to our Mantic family too!

Remember too, we’ve moved to our new HQ.  

It’s at 193 Hempshill Lane, Bulwell, Nottingham, NG6 8PF (please be aware that the Google Maps image isn’t right, and we’re working on changing it).

Open Day running list

While a lot of this is in place, please be aware that all events are subject to change, but we’ll give you as much warning as we can on our Facebook page.

lokaThis list of course is subject to change, but right now we’ve arranged the following events:

  • Azure Forest Tournament (DreadBall)
  • Deadzone Campaign Day
  • Learn to Play! Mars Attacks
  • Learn to Play! Deadzone
  • Learn to Play! DreadBall
  • WarlordMassive KoW participation game
  • Project Pandora special demo
  • Warlord Games will be in attendance with Bolt Action and Judge Dredd demos
  • Alessio will be running a Loka tournament.
  • In the morning (between 11am and 2pm), Kai and Sarah will be running a mini event for 7-13 year olds – build some models, non-playing parents can grab a cup of tea and a seat and learn to paint, giving our gaming parents a chance to enjoy some of the morning’s fun.  (Children enter free with their parents!).

Beyond the games and demos, we’ve also got some other great stuff going on:

  • MAThere will be display cabinets with some unseen goodies, lots of Mars Attacks and DreadBall Xtreme, so do feel free to come along and view them if you’re interested!
    We might even have some NEW Deadzone goodies too…
  • Stewart will be doing a Studio tour
  • There is a possibility of a sculpting event – watch the Facebook page for more details!
  • Ronnie and Jake will be doing seminars on Kickstarters, Q and A and generally getting the pulse of the community, so if you’ve got any questions you want to ask, please attend there.
  • Of course, Kai will be on patrol during the afternoon to get you onto the Newsletter and chat too, and Chris will be stopping by each table of games to say hiya.

If you’re interested in coming, please do grab your tickets, to make sure you’re not disappointed and miss your chance to take part in your most wanted events.

And if that wasn’t enough, we’re also running some ‘on the day’ offers in the shop that you won’t be able to get elsewhere:

  • Project Pandora for £10!project-pandora-event
  • Buy a Dreadball team or Booster and get MVP free of charge
  • Buy a Deadzone Faction Starter and get a merc free of charge
  • 3 for 2 on KoW and Warpath boxsets
  • We’ll be announcing more offers on the Facebook page!
  • There will be crazy box deals at £14.99 (like the Christmas ones)

There’s a £5 off voucher each ticket holder gets on the door, for £5 off purchases of £15 or more on plastic sets (including the Crazy Box!!)

We look forward to seeing you there, on the 17th of May!

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