Phew – the new website is up and live!

We’ve gone for a soft launch whilst we’re in the throes of the Mars Attacks Kickstarter so we can test and improve the new platform before hanging up the banners and declaring the new site officially launched!

You’ll notice it’s a evolution of the existing design, introducing drop down menus, categories, a product slider on the front page and a new live RSS feed on the front page which for us is a massive improvement in terms of efficiency and means we’re not duplicating content. This has been months of work, but I think the overall customer journey and experience is quicker, slicker and overall a bit more pleasant!

wyn-grethzki-isolated-smlWyn Greth’zki is now in the Mantic Points Section!

There are a number of improvements we’re going to make over the next couple of weeks too, both functional and graphical but we wanted the new platform up before Deadzone hits and we start taking pre-orders. That means bundles folks 😉

If you spot any issues – broken links, missing products, typos, things that don’t make sense – please do contact us via the contact form. We’ve got a new Customer Service assistant whose sole job is answering emails. Over the last few days, many of you will have had responses from her, which leaves James, our community manager to do what he does best… get people excited!

After four years on the old platform, we’re really pleased to bring you this updated website. Over time, it’ll have more hobby content, more game content and new colour photography. For now, please do let us know what you think in the comments!

The Live Beta of the new Mantic Games Website is now running – contact us here if you spot any issues or problems!

PS: Right then, back to selling Flying Saucers…

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