The Thorgarim are a brethren of Forge Fathers that specialise in the use of the heat hammer – so skilled are some heroes that they wield them in one hand, blazing away with a Hailstorm Pistol as they close with the enemy.

Earlier last year TableTop Insider ran a unique piece of cover art depicting a Forge Father Hero. Well, now there’s a mini for him too – and here is he!

A great alternative to the Forge Father Huscarl or a fantastic model to drop in in place of the Thorgarim Sergeant.

The Forge Fathers are back for February! Advance Order the new Thorgarim Hero as an individual Blister or as part of Dargo’s Veteran Company – a new 50 figure bundle that includes 2 New Iron Ancestor Doomstorms and 20 Stormrage Veterans!

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