There’s been a slight lull in the blog this week, certainly not what you’ve come to expect from us…

Well, we’re back baby, and boy are we packing plastic!

dwarf-ironclad-regiment-greydwarf-ironclad-command-greyOh yes, that’s right – 28mm Dwarf Ironclads, in the plastic. The ironclads started shipping last week (what seems like an age ago) and already there are reviews popping up here and there, all of which have been very positive so far!

We’ve been busy happy snapping and we are aiming to get more images, bigger and badder, up onto the website. For now, why not check out the Dwarf regiment shots above and drop us a comment below about these mean dwarfen machines (and that’s to say nothing of the cannon’s that are out next month!). Better than that, why not submit us some images of your painted dwarfs – check out the website for submission details!

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