Response to the Mega-armies has been great, but we’ve been asked: how do you go about painting a army that big?

Not only is that an awesome question (because it just goes to show how many miniatures you get in a box!), but timely too, because coming tomorrow we’re bringing a number of new hobby products from The Army Painter into our online store. The site will be getting basing material for the first time, as well as a range of new colour primers – all accompanied by a couple of new bundles!

Dwarf-MA-WhiteArmy Painter Pure redPainting a Dwarf Mega Army is made all the more easier with

a Pure Red Bundle

Of course, we already have a range of Army Painter on our site designed to make painting your big armies a breeze. There’s even a number of Mantic Army Painter painting articles on the Army Painter website that make excellent reads, so you can see how easy it can be to get your army painted in time for the launch of the second edition Kings of War rules (but you’ll want to get started now, because there’s over 75 new units to toy with when the new book comes out – check out our preview on Monday and look out for the exclusive army list in tomorrow’s newsletter!)

Please note that we can only ship glue and spray cans to the UK.

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