The Marauder Raptor is the first vehicle kit from Mantic Games and required a different kind of paint job. We pinned down Tommie Soule from Golem Painting Studio, and talked about painting the Marauder Raptor and the Marauder Grunts:

Tommie: The Marauder Raptor was painted before the Grunts, but followed on the same ideas of quick and attainable (as you will see in a blog post later this week). The big difference between the two was iconography. Whilst I maintained the scavenger look, the vehicle needed some form of identification or iconography to lend it some authenticity.

Marauder-Raptor-whiteIconography isn’t something Mantic have any kind of solid IP on yet, so I kept to numbers and simple shapes like the Hazard Stripes. In the end I didn’t try to create anything new and literally kept it down to Earth, which lends itself to the idea that the Marauders loot and capture their equipment, including their vehicles.

It’s was quite funny actually, because I think numbers made the Raptor feel sportier, like a race car. Clearly it’s numbers that make race cars go faster! I’d really like to sit down with Alessio, Mike, Ronnie and whoever else is about to come up with some iconography for all the different races. Runes for the Forge Fathers for instance and that kind of thing.


The trickiest part of the model was actually getting a decent tyre colour. They are generally more earthy colours and I had to use muted tones like khaki’s to highlight and get a realistic look rather than greys and blacks which are more sterile. I went with a drybrush and washes to keep it simple and easy to copy.


Part 2 will come later in the week where we take a look at painting the Marauder Grunts, but what colour are you going to do yours? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

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