Following on from the painted shots of the Death Kings Cabal and our work on the magazine (which has now gone to the printers!), we’ve had a few more images back which have now been uploaded onto the website.

The first is for the Palace Guard sets, limited edition special Elven units available in metal for a limited time only, before being made into plastic.

Mantic Games Elf Palace Guard CommandThe Palace Guard are available in three sets from our webstore; five man Command and Troop sets and a ten figure Regiment set. The sets each contain enough components to arm your figures with two handed axes or two handed swords, and also include a choice of helmeted heads. The Command and Regiments also contain a command sprue and a unique Champion figure.Mantic Games Elf Palace GuardDrop us a comment below and make sure you check back to the website for more images.

Tomorrow: More Undead!

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