Gripping his weapon, his finger itching on the trigger, N32 breathed heavily, his back pressed against some low-lying rubble.

The Enforcer Pathfinder shifted slightly, reaching for his belt and unstrapping a metallic sphere from his belt. He tossed it in the air, a red glow bursting from the Drone’s eye, and he opened the vidscreen. It lived.

He had eyes everywhere and still he couldn’t see where the beast had gone.

He’d been on the trail of the Prime Vector for days, even managing to unleash a salvo from his needle-gun into the colossal beast. And still it had kept going, luring N32 into the ruins of Nicorasi and it’s waiting brood.

Now he was cornered.

He knew the 3A’s were out there, he had heard their weapons fire, but it was the sight of the female that had concerned him – about as frightened as an Enforcer could get.


He’d seen it, an oncoming pack – and the Female was with them!

The Pathfinder flicked open his Comms link, inputted the code and pulled himself off the ground…

<<N32-19 – requesting fire support>>

Recon Unit N32-17

Get Recon Unit N32-19 Enforcer Pathfinder special character for free with a pledge of Recon or Strike Team on Deadzone.

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