One of the other big things you’ll get to do at the Launch Party is play the new and updated rules of Warpath, with Warpath miniatures. These games will be run by the first 6 UK Pathfinders – volunteer demo people who will take you through the game and rules, teaching you how to play with demo armies of their own creation.


Pete Mcfarland-Kijek is one such Pathfinder and he’s sent across these images of the Forge Fathers he’s painting up from the Fate of the Forgestar set that you’ll be able to play with:

FF Steel WarriorsFF Stormrage VeteransFF Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon

We think these look great and we’re really excited to see what Pete and the other Pathfinders do with the rest of their models. If you fancy seeing these in the flesh or using them to battle against the Marauders in a game of Warpath, why not pop down to our Launch Party on the 12th November? Tickets are in short supply now so get them whilst you can!

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