Imagine two of your favourite things – combined. Judge Dredd vs Batman. Power Rangers meet Ninja Turtles. Bacon cheeseburgers.  Well, two of my favourite things came together when the  DreadBall Kickstarter announced the Penny Arcade Gabe MVP.

Maybe Gabe would be a player that transferred from DreadBall’s obscure sister-sport, Razordisc. Or maybe he’d suffer an extreme allergic reaction to Ludwig.  I even suspected Gabe might be inserted as a Cheerleader (complete with the ability to Dixie Twist).

Here are his official DreadBall rules. As a Jack he’s a powerful all-rounder, though his real strength is in his, er, Strength. At 3+ he’s a great candidate for violence duties, and Does This Hurt lets him kick people while they’re down (in true Gabe fashion).


Click here to download the pdf version

If you weren’t able to get your hands on this hyper-limited edition model through the Kickstarter, then you’ll be pleased to know he’ll also be available in strictly limited numbers when our Mantic Points programme relaunches, imminently.

Only question is whether we can persuade his heterosexual life-partner Tycho to cameo in the Mantic universe too…

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