You may have spotted a couple of felines dotted around the Elf range, and perhaps heard rumour of a skeleton dog on the Undead sprue?
We feel the familiars add a bit of fun, and a whole lot of character, to a unit or force, and they will be a feature of all our ranges (just wait until you see the animal on race 3 – oh my!)
As you can imaging this has already initiated ‘Pet Wars’ among the painters who get their hands on the three-ups…and hence this little diorama painted by Conflict in Colour.
We presented the diorama to our toolmakers, where one person (who shall remain nameless) had gone crazy over all the familiars on the sprues.
The Elven cat should be recognisable, but the three-up skeletal dog is a little fun piece from the upcoming skeleton troop sprue that we thought you’d all like a look at.

Pets at War

If you’ve been inspired by the piece from Conflict in Colour, then we’re also currently on the lookout for new painters to work alongside our existing ones.

We’re looking for some top quality paint jobs to photograph and use on our website, blog and for any event we attend, so anyone who wants to paint some of our fantastic figures or units for cash or (preferably) Mantic credit should get in contact with us by sending a few pictures of your previous work to

Finally… have an absolutely splendid 2010!

best wishes

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