To celebrate the successful completion of the Deadzone Kickstarter, and reflect on the previous year of Mantic’s growth, the team went paintballing this weekend.



Not used to resolving firefights with raw physicality we created a real life set of Deadzone counters.  Much to bemusement of staff and non-Mantic players.



Here’s James, modelling a giant Injured token.  Dear dear, -1 fighting modifier to all actions and survival mods for you, Mr. Hewitt.



And this is Chris, doing his absolute hardest to generate a Beserk counter (though from his expression you’d think it was a Constipated counter).



And finally, here’s Ronnie hoping a rampant display of chest hair would stop paintballs in much the same way as body armour.


This man gleefully shot his staff until the marshals escorted them to the dead zone.  (Question is, when you’re shot in Deadzone are you escorted to the paintball?)

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