When there’s a 200mph weapons grade titanium ball being flung about, how the devil do you catch it?

Well, that’s what the DreadBall Glove is for…

Of all the equipment that a DreadBall player uses, the most iconic is the DreadBall glove. This takes many outward forms depending on the race of the team, but the function is the same for all: to catch and throw the titanium ball at high speed without it tearing the user’s hand off.

Number 88’s DreadBall glove

Some teams take a technical route and use elegantly crafted designs that incorporate a crescent-shaped launcher on the back of the wrist. Using these is simplified by the focussed electromagnetic funnelling devices that are carefully calibrated to slot the moving ball into the launcher.

As a Guard, John Doe doesn’t have a DreadBall glove and cannot pick up the ball

Goblins take another route. They rely on carefully honed blades to capture and decelerate the ball by a combination of the blade’s shape and the player’s skill. Of course, when the ball can top 200mph, accidents do happen. However, there is never any shortage of keen youngsters eager to try their hands at the game.

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