Not content with offering up three different Dwarf units and 3 gorgeous metal kits, we’ve a new addition to the family; the Dwarf Shieldbreakers.


Shieldbreaker Troop painted by Andrew Wedmore

Carrying two-handed hammers, in game terms these guys hit harder than the regular Dwarf Ironclad and, with the Crushing Strength special rule, cause more damage too! You can find out all about the stats for the Dwarf Shieldbreaker by downloading our armylists in our Gaming section on the website.

3-Up Shieldbreaker Torso by Bob Naismith

3-Up Shieldbreaker Torso by Bob Naismith

The Dwarf Shieldbreaker frame is just one of several new units we have planned for the existing ranges (we’re still getting requests for Dwarf cavalry – that’d be fun wouldn’t it?) and will begin shipping on the 26th November. They are now available to pre-order from our website here.

Of course, if you cannot wait until then, you can actually pick up the Shieldbreakers in the Dwarf Army Set alongside 40 Ironclad, 30 Ironwatch and 2 warmachines (as well as the Kings of War rulesets!); the single best way to start a plastic Dwarf collection, nearly two weeks earlier than their main release. Check out the set here!

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