We march together…

One of the big decisions for me was deciding to put them on unit bases. This was something I had resisted the first time I started painting this army (about 4 years ago when Mantic launched the Dwarfs) – back then I still used 20mm bases for each model.


Ahhh…the old days. When men were men and concept art was….pencil?

It was about ½ way through the first KoW run that

  1. I thought it was time I had my own KoW army – and I am ashamed to say at this point I got someone to paint an army for me
  2. That the unit bases made things really easy.

It is by no means ‘rules’ that you have to use unit bases, and I have seen many great armies for KoW with single bases.

At that time what swung it for me was the ease of use – both during set up and through the battle.

As an avid wargamer, Ronnie as no time for that set-up faff. Dice! Beards! Death! Pointing!

As an avid wargamer, Ronnie has no time for that set-up faff. Dice! Beards! Death! Pointing!

However, when I came to do my Dwarf Army I realized this time that I could realy make that as part of the theme and use it to bring a style to the whole force.

Oh – and it is tough to get the Mantic Dwarfs to rank up properly on 20mm bases, so just by dropping a couple of models the base still looks like 20 figures (which I think it should do to be fair to your opponent) but removed that problem.

I decided on a rocky style (Dwarfs on mountains – surely not!) and set about stealing some bark, and small pieces of slate.

Here is a WiP photo of them before spraying….

I am really pleased with the unit basing. Yes it is much easier to transport and use in game, but what I really like is the overarching theme and style the whole army now has, and other than the colour scheme I think it is the basing that does that.



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