I would like to explain what I expected when I played Kings of War for the first time.

Sunny's Undead March into battle against Rich's Orgres

Sunny’s Undead March into battle against Rich’s Orgres

Now I am going to be absolutely truthful, my first impressions of the game were not great. Why, you might ask? Well, I thought the game looked far too simple and at first didn’t like the concept of how, if you take a wound on a unit, you don’t remove the model but mark it as damage and take a nerve test. I was not totally against the game from the get go, as I liked the idea of mass fantasy battle and there’s only one available to my knowledge – this kept me interested and plus the models looked sweet!

So after I had the first game a few opinions changed immediately. I really liked how the wounding system worked. It was odd at first but strangely satisfying knowing my units weren’t dying (can something that is already dead, die again?) after one round of combat and you didn’t have to fiddle and put away models; knocking them down as I have clumsy hands!

Elisabeth joins her shambling legions in the melee.

Elisabeth joins her shambling legions in the melee.

I also enjoyed how charges worked – only the person who charged gets to attack. If they don’t break you, they back away 1 inch. Pretty straightforward and very cool.

The biggest thing that drew me in though was the magic. I have always been a strong believer that spells should buff units or cause a little damage – unlike another system where a magic phase will remove 2 – 3 units a turn, making your hard worked painted minis disappear from the table; very dis-heartening for me personally. Anyways, back on topic, magic was great for me! It was very simple and I loved it!

More Zombies!

More Zombies!

Now, my last game I played quite defensively. I want to play a very aggressive game and see how it plays out – what possibly can go wrong?

So, I suppose you all would like to know what is on my painting table? Well, I am a little behind due to the intense heat wave we have had; my paint room is like an oven! I’ve been falling back a little, but I’m still determined by the end of the month I shall have everything painted to make 1000 points! So what do I have to paint? Well, I’m currently finishing off my 20-strong skeleton unit!

I have a dirty little tactic I’ve been thinking about – I am going to airbrush as much as possible to speed my task up! What I will achieve are smoother transitions and that bulk painting will be faster! The down side? I have very minimal experience with an airbrush.

Alright, I think that raps it up for today’s blog! Would love to hear what you guys think I should add in to my next 500 points! Please leave a comment down below and I shall try my best to reply!

The Kings of War rulebook is available to pre-order here and the rules will be online for free at the end of this week – if you want to give it a try.

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