Smiley Sunny

Smiley Sunny

Hey all, this is Sunny from the Mantic team, I’ve joined in this event to make sure the undead don’t go unnoticed! Well I have pretty much spilled the beans on what I have brought, I am bringing the undead to the table! You may ask why, well the reason is easy I love all things zombies and one of my favourite films is Interview with the vampire. Another reason is I am a very slow and steady painter and want to prove to people out there it is possible to paint an army in a reasonable speed, without losing detail. To give you an insight it would take a month normally to paint 10 models and I would fizzle out and lose heart! Not this time, I have a group behind me and helping me all the way (I say helping me, more like kicking me) and this is more of a personal goal!


So what do I have and how many points shall be fielded? Well we have all agreed to start with 500 points, which is nice and simple to start off with. Now what I have in my force is the following; vampire lord, 20 Skeletons and 40 Zombies.

Indeed this is a big ask from me, as what I have previously explained I paint 10 models a month, so in theory this would normally would take 6 months to do! Ouch…..But as I have a wonderful group behind me and feeding off each other’s enthusiasm I do believe this is more than achievable. I do think if you are like me and want to undertake a similar venture, why not grab a friend and a hero and two core troop choices!

So why did I go with a vampire lord and not something equally as evil! Well that is simple to be honest I have always enjoyed vampire movies, except the sparkly vampires. I have decided to name my vampire Elisabeth, the bane of Mantica. Her story is simple she is an arrogant and very demanding young vampire who loves to play cat and mouse with her prey and wants more territory for herself and make her name for herself an outshine any other vampire.

Artwork of Lady Ilona From the cover of first edition

Artwork of Lady Ilona From the cover of first edition

Now she cannot do this on her own, so she requires her victims to rise up from death and forever work for her, so she will enjoy watching zombies mass and ambush her enemy from the ground, while her personal guard of skeletons guard her and offer her protection.

Now let’s talk about what I have enjoyed about the project this far, well I have actually enjoyed painting the zombies as they went together like a charm and I painted them in record time! Now what has been a challenge is finding time to paint and not getting distracted. This is easily overcome and I discovered a pro tip when you start painting. Find a comfortable and quiet place to paint and well do not take your mobile phone as you will more than likely if you are like me play with it replying to messages on Facebook, also make sure you’re not near a computer these are all distractions for me! But if painting in silence is not for you grab a radio and listen to music. Honestly try it out it most likely will speed up your painting!

Right If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to email mantic and I will gladly email you back! I’m primarily a story based gamer so expect some cool stories!


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