So Kings of War is almost upon us and in all the excitement we thought we would get things going up at Mantic HQ by gathering a few of us together and start some new armies to smash each other to bits on the battlefield.

As we’re all busy, both in and out of work we are aiming to paint up 500 points a month using the Kings of War 2 lists over the next four months which should be an achievable goal.

Once we’re all ready, each month we’ll fight it out with the ever increasing armies and write it up.


Ronnie’s work in progress Ironclad!

So, who have we got lined up and what are they playing?

Dave – Customer Service extraordinaire who is playing Abyssal Dwarfs…nope, Goblins Make your mind up Dave 😉

Sunny – Warehouse workhorse – Amassing the legions of the Undead

Chris – Marketing guru – Dwarfs from the mountain holds, although Chris looks like he’s flagging. Ronnie may be swapping in as Chris makes Rich look like the fasted painter in the West!

Rich – Kickstarter coordinator and other stuff – Ogre Hordes from the steppes, crushing all those that come before them.

Ronnie – Big Boss type – Jumped in on the fun with his Dwarfs on crazy scenic bases that some may have seen on Facebook and the Mantic Blog.


Over the next few days we will be putting up a lunchtime blog from each of the players going over why they picked that army, painting schemes, unit choices and other bits on their army and ending with a battle report (If all goes to plan.)

If you want to pre order your copy of the hardback rules, add additional forces or start your force then please click here.

Kings of War Hardcore Edition – Available for pre-order now!

If you fancy checking out the free rules then you can find them here and the army lists here as they were at the end of the beta testing.

What armies are preparing for the new edition?

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