Welcome to Project Pandora: Grim Cargo blog week. Today we’re pleased to let the cat out of the bag and tell you all about our new sci-fi board game which is shipping in April – and we’ve got a feast of content for you to get your teeth into this week.

The first thing we’re keen to show-off is the new logo created by none other than Tears of Envy (who sadly is no more – we wish Tammy all the best in her new job!) Just check this out!


More about Project Pandora can be found in the newsletter going out today and we’re asking all of our Facebook crowd what they’re expecting from this brand new board game. We’re also put Pandora up for pre-order in the shop, where you can find more details about what’s in the box.

Finally, as Ronnie mentioned in the video, the mysterious 8th race will be unveiled later this week, so make sure you tune in all of this week – who knows what you might miss!

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