Today we’ve posted a new Pandora Hub on the website. We’ve got pictures of some of the new tiles, the models and the contents, including a few gameplay snippets, with explanations of how some of the mechanics work…

Here’s a taster:

Briefly covers special rules like Reaction Fire, as well as mechanics like shooting.


Corporation and Veer-myn Gallery

Images of the Corporation Marines and Veer-myn Night-Crawlers, including this fantastic 360 degree angle video from Beasts of War:

Counters and Tiles

We take a look at what some of the counters do, as well as the Crates, Rooms and Tiles.

There’s more stuff to explore in the hub and even more in the Pandora Rulebook.

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Project Pandora: Grim Cargo is released April 23rd and will be available at Salute and Adepticon. Pre-order your copy now and be in with a chance of winnning a free Veer-myn Nightspawn or Corporation Major-General. The Veer-myn Army Release follows in May.

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