Following on from Jake’s background about the Grim Cargo earlier, we’re pleased to be able to show-off some of the designs for the new tiles, created by Tears of Envy. Check it out!

Project Pandora will take you through the clean rooms (well, cleanish, with the 8th race lurker around you never know!) of the ships interior…

Pandora-tile-recon-v1-copy… through winding corridors…

… and into the engineering levels!

Pandora-tile-cargo2-v2-copyAnd back again!

These pieces are just three of a much larger array of tiles available to build your starship. There’s also T-junctions, corner pieces, an airlock and a large storage area to name a few – and that’s before we even get to the action counters! We’ll show these off and what goes into the design process later this week.

Well, that’s it for today – check back tomorrow for more on the Corporation in Project Pandora!

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