The walls shattered in piles of rubble.  The noise was deafening.  I could see a woman and two children cowering in the far corner of the building, her arms shielding their heads, her body positioned to protect them both as best she could.  Dust flew everywhere and the machine turned again…and fired…..

We’re coming up on the retail launch of Mars Attacks on the 29th (and you can pre-order YOUR copy here!), I thought today I’d share some information about the scenery that’s coming in the box.


What’s in the box?

Whether you get the board game, or the expansion pack, the ruins in the packages are designed to set the scene (with your paper or upgraded deluxe mat) and give you a stunning backdrop to play against.  Red brick ruined walls, and street scenery, including fences, broken doors, piles of bricks, stop signs and the iconic mailboxes and more.  All of which is designed to offer both cover and decoration to your boards, support the design and setup of your scenarios and generally give you some set pieces for contemporary games.

We’re also offering a scenery expansion pack to give you even more to play with.

The nitty gritty

Much like our Battlezones scenery, the ruined brickwork is modular and clips together in various configurations, giving you flexible, easy to store pieces that can be designed in different ways to look like different ruined parts of buildings. Some pieces have closed doors, others are of various heights and lengths, making your areas unique to your set up.  The connectors mean you can take them apart or leave them built up, the choice is yours.

So, what do you think?  Looking forward to the more “contemporary” scenery which makes up the district of Greenville you’re defending?  Think it could do with anything else?

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