Hello everyone,

Over the weekend we launched lots of images of our new Warpath minis. Sorry this was all a bit fast but those Beasts of War boys needed a pile of content before they will give us a whole weekend!


In many ways I view that event as simply the beginning of Warpath.

This has been a huge project for us with new rules, 8 new races (and more in the pipeline), big vehicle kits, new scenery and two armies right out of the blocks.


The really exciting bit is just how much more we have planned for the coming months. We are going to hit Warpath really hard, with huge amounts of support and effort – I hope you enjoy it!

Finally, we really appreciate all of the support you offer to Mantic and please keep telling everyone about us – it really does help us grow.

Until next time… the universe just got a whole lot more brutal!

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