The last 12 months have been busy not only with new miniatures but also sorting out the warehouse move so we can cope with the growth. In the early part of 2011 we were experiencing metal supply problems and some poor order turnaround time – all of which ended with the move to our own warehouse.

Mantic-Towers-of-DoomMantic is no longer based at Barker Gate – during the last week before Christmas we managed to move our sales and marketing teams in with our warehouse at Greasley Street. We’re now all together!

Unfortunately this year we had to have a price rise – shame on you Mantic! In fairness since launch the UK has had two tax rises for 5%, raw material prices have risen and it is clear with hindsight that the price of the metal sets was too low. But I look forwards to having no price rise next year – 3 years out of 4 is pretty good work isn’t it?

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