The ancient and proud culture of the Forge Fathers has managed to retain its independence from the Corporation while others have fallen. Masters of science, artisans beyond compare, the Forge Fathers are the only aliens to trade with the Corporation on anything approaching even terms.

While they are far fewer in numbers than humans, the Forge Fathers are renowned across the galaxy for their grasp of advanced technology. They are one of the only species in known space whose weaponry and spacecraft are more powerful than those of the Corporation. Their battle-suits are nigh-on impregnable, the destructive capability of their thermal guns is of tremendous magnitude, not to mention the incredible rate of fire and penetrative power of their solid-shot weaponry. In the field of space warfare, they are unsurpassed. Their ships are much like they are: slow, massive, resilient to damage, and armed to the teeth.

There is a new full colour background section dedicated to each race – Alessio has even dipped into the background for some of the other races, including the Z’zor and the Asterians.

The Forge Father have had a bit of a restructure in the new Rulebook with a greater distinction made between the basic units – Steel Warriors are still the core of the army, but you can now also choose Drakkarim for close ranged firefights and the new Thorgarim, which are equipped for close combat. Drakkarim can take Dragon’s Breath flamethrowers and Hailstorm Rifles, whilst the Thorgarim take mighty Heat Hammers into battle.

The Stormrage Veterans on the other hand can still choose between Hailstorm Autocannons and Heat Cannons, as well as being armed with the Hailstorm pistol and mjolnir rocket launcher – a devastating array of firepower we’re sure you’ll agree!

Hot on the heels of August’s Iron Ancestor and Stormrage Veteran Section kits, the Drakkarim and Thorgarim will be coming soon!

Speaking of the Iron Ancestor, Graven Games have done it again with another knock-out review!

Graven Games sink their teeth into the Iron Ancestor after a stellar review of the Hailstorm Cannon, including some scale comparison shots!

The Iron Ancestor has also had a bit of a tweak in the new beta ruleset. Here’s a sneaky peak from inside the new rules:

Oo – Doomstorm Pattern sounds tasty. Coming soon?

And finally, here’s some of the Forge Father Hobby goodness that’s happening on the Mantic Forum!

JonHay – Helfathers

Claudia Zuminich – Iron Ancestor

BoW Ben – Forge Father Stormrage Veterans

BLKDMND – Forge Fathers

Working on a Forge Father Project yourself? Then please get in touch!

If all that Forge Father goodness has you frothing – maybe you’re hooked for the expanded background, desperate to see the new rules or wondering what’s changed for your army – make sure you are signed up to the newsletter if you want a copy of the Warpath 2.0 Beta Ruleset!

(and don’t forget you can pick your own Forge Fathers up on the Mantic webstore!)

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