The wait is finally over, the brand new Plastic-Resin Revenant Knights officially start shipping today! For those of you who pre-ordered your sets it is very likely you have yours already, as we started sending them out early.

Don’t worry though if you haven’t ordered yours yet, if you order this weekend you will definitely get these amazing figures before Christmas!

Revenant Knights
We have released 2 sets, firstly the standard Undead Revenant Cavalry Set, which contains 10 highly detailed plastic-resin figures all for only £25/€30/$45.

The second set on offer is a special web deal, only available from our website. The Undead Revenant Cavalry Horde contains 20 highly detailed plastic-resin figures, and  additional metal troop bits to replace the second command set you get, if you feel like fielding a truly massive 20-man Cavalry Horde! You get all of this for only £50/€60/$90. Also as a very special offer, all Undead Revenant Cavalry Hordes will include a FREE Mantic Messenger Bag!

Don’t miss out, grab yours here!

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