This week is Revenant Week!

There has been a lot of buzz about our Fantastic Revenant Knight miniatures ever since they were released a metal product. Ever since their release there has also been rumours, and even a few hints from us here at Mantic, that if the Revenant Knights proved popular we would make them in plastic.

Well the day has finally come, we can officially announce that we are releasing Plastic/Resin Revenant Knights! And for those of you who just can’t wait, you can pre-order them here!

We are releasing 2 sets, firstly the standard Undead Revenant Cavalry Set, which contains 10 highly detailed plastic/resin figures all for only £25/€30/$45.

The second set on offer is a special web deal, only available from our website. The Undead Revenant Cavalry Horde contains 20 highly detailed plastic/resin figures, and 3 additional metal troop figures to replace the second command set you get, if you feel like fielding a truly massive 20-man Cavalry Horde! You get all of this for only £50/€60/$90.

Here is a few words from Ronnie just talking about these fantastic miniatures, and he hopefully will answer some of the questions we are sure you guys have.

Enjoy the video:

As you all know, we love Renedra – their quality and attention to detail are second to none – and that means we get great miniatures every time. And whenever we have a big volume line (Zombies, Skeleton, core units, Orcs even?) that is the tooling route we use.

However, we have been searching for another route for the rarer troop types, where perhaps you just need a unit (or four!) in your huge army. We wanted to make sure it had all the detail you’d expect of metal and plastic, but also have some of the prices closer to plastic.

I won’t pretend it was easy – but we think we have cracked it – and over the next few days you’ll see what we are talking about. We have had the fantastic Revenant Knights made using the new resin-plastic (R-P) tooling.

What is Resin-Plastic?

It is a material that sits half way between the normal plastic we use, and resin. We like the amazing detail it gives on the figures. At the end of the week you will get to see a full unti of 10 Revenant Knights painted – and they look fantastic. You glue the models together with regular super glue (not plastic glue), and there isn’t any actual resin in the product – it just looks and feels quite similar.

So, tell us about the price…

We’ll that is really one of the great things – we are able to offer 10 Undead Revenant Knights for the same price as 5 metal ones!! So now you get twice the models (so double the death!) for the same price as before (and we like to think our limited edition metal ones were already considerably cheaper than the market generally).

So, I hope you enjoy Revenant Cavalry Week, we have some terrific sculpts, which many of you have seen – now available The Mantic Way – great miniatures, great prices – huge battles! Keep watching the site for more info, some great deals – and huge hordes of Undead mayhem – on a battlefield near you soon.

keep battling.

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