Well Warpath is one year old, and what a year it has been!

As we begin year 2 (of the 3 year plan) we can now look on the basic units for the Corporation, Veer-myn, Marauders and the fantastic new Enforcers. The Forge Fathers are a little more developed than the rest with several vehicles and a few more units (but then it seems I am not the only one with a fondness for Dwarfs in space!). This means we have achieved our first objective of 4 armies, it is my belief that no system is really a wargame until there are 4 army choices, but I do think each of these armies need more units and variety still.

With hindsight there are few things I wish we had done differently (and a couple better) but there are also many developments that bode very well for the future as we set about building a compelling, enjoyable gaming system. Most importantly the Warpath universe is starting to take shape, the worlds and major players are starting to take solid form (literally!) – and we are already at the stage where we know what sports games are played on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings!!

DreadBall is set in the Warpath universe – and is also now available to pre-order ahead of next week’s DreadBall Week on the Mantic Blog

Looking back to the first rules set last year I think they were little too ambitious, including fliers and tank vehicles, when in reality simply getting the core units for the first 4 or 5 armies in the first year was going to be hard. Perhaps I should have asked Alessio to write a skirmish game – but I always had in mind huge armies clashing together, with off-world bombardments, strafing runs, and legions of troops piling over the battle field!

However, today we are sending out an 80 page digital rules set to our newsletter subscribers. They are based on a tighter set of rules (no fliers nor event cards at this point) and incorporate much of the feedback we have received from our play-testers, the community in general and our own gaming experience. I think Alessio has created much more cohesive, competitive rules and created a far more dynamic and involved experience. This is called ‘Warpath 2.0’ because these rules are not really a finesse of the last edition, they are an entirely new rules set, with new rules about how squads operate, how you arm your units and so on. From the open day the feeling generally was that they’re a far slicker and intuitive system and much more enjoyable to play, but again we welcome your comments.

Sneak peak – This is a Hover Tank APC concept to show off what a Corporation vehicle could look like. Affordable plastic vehicles are something we’re very keen on doing in the future.

I think these rules are great, and a major step in the right direction for the system, although losing the squad rules caused some major debate! But they are by no means the extent of our ambition (come on this is Mantic after all!), and as soon as these rules are printed Alessio will be starting to develop the final, complete rules for Warpath – as to whether it will be 2.1 or 3.0 will come down to your comments and feedback.

As to what type of game they will be – well I have always liked big battles – so now it is time for Big Battles in Space. In the next year our aim is to offer tanks and more units (all in plastic) for all of the main armies, and add at least another 2 (and preferably 3) completely new armies to the universe. This would bring us to 7 armies, all complete with a wide selection of units, elites, heroes and tanks – on battlefields with 100 – 200 figures per side, and the system will need to enable a game to resolution in less than 3 hours.

To achieve all of that we may well look again to the crowd funding, which has been so helpful for both Dreadball (3 seasons fully funded) and Kings of War (22 new units!!) but not until we have really finalised the main rules and polished them, and delivered our Dreadball and KoW commitments. This will ensure everyone can pick which army they want to get funded, and save some pennies to back it, and I will endeavour to offer the core units on hard sprues to bring the price down again. I also want our best sculptors available to work on this range, and take it to new heights (is it possible to beat the new Enforcers?). If we can achieve all of this, I think we’ll have a legendary gaming system, backed up with a superb range on sculpts, and I hope you agree.

I am really excited about what year 2 of Warpath might bring, and I hope you’ll join us on that journey.

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