Towards the end of last month we previewed the Ruins for the Battlezones range of Wargames Scenery – a new terrain kit that allows you build a dystopian, broken landscape for your sci-fi battles, whether it’s for an intense skirmish in the depths of shelled city, or the setting for a massive invasion across an entire Quadrant.


Ruined Quadrant

Now available to pre-order on the website is the Ruined Quadrant – quite simply a massive box of sci-fi wargames terrain.

There are seven of each Ruins sprues, each jam-packed with bits including broken tiles, each with jagged metal supports sticking out, and bits of rubble and debris. These pieces can be either be connected together to form standalone cover, or can be used like a regular connector to depict rubble at the base of the walls. As well as this there are simply tonnes of Urban, Fortifications and Landing Pad sprues as well, making it an incredibly affordable way of covering a 6’x4′ table in terrain.

Ruins Sprues

Both Chad Mierzwa and Nick Williams have both done an incredible job building and painting the ruins…

Later this week Kai is going to be looking at the Ruin sprues in more detail, but we’d love to hear about what you’re going to be building with your sprues when you get them! Leave your thoughts in the comments.

If you prefer your buildings to be a little more intact, or simply want to merge the ruined tiles with the other sprues that are available, Battlezones Wargames Terrain sets have now shipped and will be imminently available from retail stores across the globe. Whether you’re a club looking to outfit your gaming tables with affordable plastic modular terrain, or are simply looking to build a fantastic board at home, Battlezones is perfect for your mass battle sci-fi game of choice.

The Ruined Quadrant is now available to pre-order from the Mantic Games webstore. Pre-order now and get 2 FREE Accessory sprues included when your order ships!

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