You enter a smoky bar, the redolent smell of fine ale and roasted meat hangs in the air among the iridescent, off-grey smoke so familiar to you.  It’s been years since you’ve been home, and weary from your last quest, you sit down at the bar.

The bartender finishes serving the group at the other end of the bar, appraisingly examines your gear and says with a wry smile….

“Welcome my friends!

I’m afraid you’ve joined us in the darkest of times. A threat grows in the East and we need your help to fight back against the forces of Darkness that are gathering.

There is an ancient collection of information we need you to seek out – one that is protected by a mysterious passkey of Dwarfish runes.

Once we have collected all of these Dwarfish Runes, we can decipher their meaning and translate them into your common language. This should give us access to the mysteries that are kept within…

The first rune has already been spotted…


… to unlock the next Rune, you must simply fulfil the requirements of the quest…

Go and share this post from the runic devices below  with others on the fae network of Facebook. Only once the image has been shared 750 times will the next rune be revealed.  I pray you find the next one swiftly, there’s rumours of the shadows spreading from their haunts, and dark times are upon us.”


Please share this post on Facebook (and other places if you like!).  Once the counter gets to 400 on this post, we’ll release the next rune…unless dark forces force our hands.



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