It’s the end of January – hence the end of the January Sale!

You’ve got until the end of the weekend to make use of our special treats and, for one weekend only, we’ve got some excellent new additions to set you up for a year of Kings of War and Warpath.

First up:

We’re got the Trolls and Mummies available in limited number: just 10 sets of each are available at an unbelievable price. £11.49 for 3 of our Trolls, or 10 Mummies. Bargain.


Make War

Feb and March are all about the launch of Deadzone, but that doesn’t mean Warpath doesn’t get a look in!

If you’re looking for models to build a fantastic sci-fi mass battle army – or simply add to an existing collection – there are some great deals on Warpath models, including:

–    2 bonus units in each one-player set and select army sets.  Check out the product page for details!
–    An obscene price on Corporation and Veer-myn infantry!


Chess Warfare

Purchase Shuuro through our webstore and get Turanga, the multi-player expansion absolutely free!

Tile Packs

Whether you’re a space crusader or a dungeon explorer, we’ve got some deals on tile packs that feature 1”x1” gridded squares on them, perfect for your crawling exploits!

There’s even a little deal for a dungeon and some monsters too.


All of our crazy deals are available on the sites – great cavalry deals on Basilean Panther Lancers, Fleabags and Stormwind Cavalry, Infantry deals on Palace Guard and Men-at-arms – plus it’s all the last weekend of the Crazy Box.


You’ve got until midnight 2nd February to get yours. Pop on over and grab your deal!

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