Well, we drew straws and the Veer-myn Night Spawn is coming to Salute! We’ve cut the Veer-myn in half (the army, not the models) and we’ve divided up the Corporation so no matter which show you go to, you can see the Veer-myn and Corporation in person at either show!

Veer-myn-Night-Spawn-Warpath-Mantic-GamesSee the ‘Spawn at Salute!

We’ve also got all of your favourite Mantic miniatures on display, and demo games galore! Then of course there’s the Pandora Leaderboard…

Kill all you can! – Win £75 by topping our Pandora Leaderboard
Scenario 1 is all about killing Veer-myn and we’ll be running a leaderboard on the day recording the number of kills.

Veer-myn-Night-Crawlers-Section-10Help us exterminate the Veer-myn! Reward for the most kills.

The person with the highest number of kills will win themselves £50/$75 to spend on the Mantic webstore. If the top scorer then beats the score from the other show, we’ll increase the prize to £75/$100! So if Bob at Salute kills 18 and Tim kills 16 at Adepticon, the Brits will have won.

Get yourself over to the Mantic stand and, if you can’t get to the show, visit our special offers section where we’re giving out some crazy deals afor this week only!!

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