So it seems our very own Antonia the Dark has been quietly gaining in popularity in the gaming community.


Affectionately known as Toni to those of us in the office, this sour-faced necromatic witch of undeath loves nothing better than spending her Saturday nights raising Skeletons and concocting bizarre plans using zombies, Elf flesh and eye of newt. Well, she’s now got her own fan-made website – check it out here!

Of course, this is quite relevent because we’re ending all of our Army Deals (not our Army Sets, which you will be happy to know are receiving a slightly green addition next month!) totalling £99 or less on the 30th July.

Undead-ArmyAntonia dreams of one day leading a big Mantic army into battle

From the Abyssal Dwarf Kharnakh’s Nightmare Legion (which has been suitably popular and is actually ending much sooner!) to the Eldrins Personal Guard Elf Army Deal, yes at just £50 even Antonia the Darks Vengeance Guard is coming to an end too. Of course, you’ll see still be able to pick up this bewitching figure in the Death King’s Cabal, which would make a fantastic addition to any Undead army – whether started through one of our Undead Army Set, Elite Army sets or even the humble warhost!

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