One of our fans said when asked, that they felt scenery was the ‘third player’ and we can’t help but agree.  When designing our Battlezones scenery, we created it to ensure the only limits to what you could build were what you needed.  And we’ve seen some really great things created out of them, so I thought I’d share some of the stuff we saw at our Open Day.

Mars attacks demo What I loved about these pieces were the ruined walls.  We used the scenery to make sure the game’s rues were clear and to help people understand the various rules surrounding Mars Attacks.  All feedback we had was that the ruined walls really made the game and set the scene.

If you’re playing a game that involves a lot of shooting, ruined scenery can really make the difference because it just sets the tone in a way that other pieces might not manage.

The gallery above contains all of our scenery that was created for the Open Day and campaigns that ran.  A lot of the pieces were intricately detailed – and look great on the board and when asked, everyone that played said they really made the game.  Watching them play, I also know that the kids in the painting room wanted to make some of the items they’d seen on the various tables, so that was quite fun.

DSC_3986 One of my favourite pieces, and one of the best projects I’d heard about at the open day was a 3d version of the first mission in Project Pandora.   This ‘unwinnable” first mission is one of the funniest, hardest and most engaging first missions I’ve ever played as an introduction to the game.  We ran a competition to see who would get the most points.

Our new events manager, Chris Nicholls designed this and it garnered a lot of attention.



And that was some of the things that we had at our Open Day.  Thank you to everyone at our Open Day.  We’ll run another one again soon!


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