Yesteday we talked to Tommie about painting and in the second of today’s blog posts (scroll down to find out how you can get free stuff!), we take an even deeper look into the Marauder Raptor – here’s Bob Naismith to tell us more!

Hi Everyone!

Chris asked me to add a few notes to explain how we made the Marauder Raptor vehicle – so here goes…!
When Ronnie first had the whole Warpath idea (it didn’t have a name then) we worked on some speculative sketches to help set the ‘mood’ of the set and how the models would look – this bit is great because you can let your imagination run a bit more wild than normal. I personally had a lot of fun doodling unlikely vehicles….
Anyways – cut to some time later ..

Marauder-RaptorThe final concept art

The Warpath project is well under way. The figure sets have been sculpted and passed to the toolmakers for progression. The vehicles came next. This time we plan to use the plastic/resin method of production which requires a same size master. Ronnie calls Mike McVey and myself in to discuss….
‘What do you think of that?’ they ask me as they put some concept art on the table.
‘Fantastic’ says I ‘Are we going to make them then?’
‘You can bet your boots we are – get to it!’ barks Ronnie from underneath his orc mask… (ED: What are you trying to say? – Orcy)

First thing I did was look closely at the concepts. They are very nice and characterful, plus the dwarf cannon has a very constructed 3D look to it- ideal for modelling from.
I made a couple of Block models (Pics attached) to show how I saw the models being broken down. Mike helped a lot at this stage with his experience of the production methods as well as his unfailing eye for what makes a model look even better! In particular I recall that the Raptor lay a bit low on the ground and had a ‘slow’ feel to which Mike helped me fix.
Ronnie oversaw the whole job of course and I also remember him saying ‘bigger guns, bigger guns’ a lot!


Work in Progress Vehicles – click to expand the thumbnails

After the block model was sorted we progressed to the actual master – making kits is not easy and we had several re-works of details to get the feel right – the engine had to be characterful as it was so visible – I suggested that we use some multiple exhausts such as you might find on old extreme hot rod car conversions and the results are now on the model! I also like the footplate detail at the rear of the trike – it just invites you to paint it!

Marauder-Raptor-whiteThe finished Marauder Raptor

I am very excited about what we can do with this model in the future (and the Dwarf cannon) – the orcs wouldn’t make every vehicle the same and I’m sure that you guys will add your own details etc to your models – we enjoyed making them – you enjoy getting them on to your wargames table!

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