In June, the big bad Kings of War book is coming. This game is a great opportunity to include everyone in wargaming – all you’ll need is a copy of the book and a pack of miniatures and you’ll be able to dive right in!

Kings of War

To kick-start this all off, we want to feature your armies in the book.

If you have pictures of beautifully painted Mantic miniatures, a sexy unit you want to show-off or even pictures of you and your mate standing in front of a big battlefield then get in touch!

To participate:

1) Send us great Hi-Resolution Images of your army/units, at least 300dpi.


2) Get in touch and we will arrange to collect your army/unit and have them photograph and returned.



Send all submissions/requests to and in exchange you’ll receive Ronnie’s eternal love and gratitude, your name in the book credits and probably some treats as well.

We need all submissions in by the 28th March so please get in touch!

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