It’s nearly the end of Dwarf Week – “We must be approaching some miniatures by now!” I hear you cry!

Well, we’ve had some shiny very new pieces WIPs of art in from Stef on another new unit for the range, nicknamed “Sharpshooters” in the office (more on that in a later blog). These guys are a little less armoured than the Ironclads to help with wielding their weapons, aiming, or making it less restrictive to take a swig of their favourite Ale! Click on the thumbnails below for a closer look.


Now then I hear you say, there’s two different types of weapon there! And you’d be right; not only will this kit let you build your Dwarfs armed with rifles, but they’re also getting crossbows too! The variety across the range is immense, as you’ll discover in later blogs – Stay tuned, don’t miss it.

Next time on Dwarf Week: Boring Stuff. Completely missable, nothing to see here type stuff…

Or maybe a threeup? Which would your preference be? Let us know by dropping us a message below!

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