With the Warpath Launch Party looming large (hope you’ve all got your tickets!), we’ve been asked alot about the Secret Room and the delights within…

MG_Mantic time to relax

No, not those kind of “delights.” Anyway, it wouldn’t be a secret if we told you exactly what was in the secret room of doom but you’ll get the first exclusive look at the Corporation figures, art and Warpath army list, the first exclusive look at the Kings of War Goblin sculpts AND you will be exposed to the future of Dwarf King’s Hold – basically all the new cool stuff coming out next!

MG_Warpath ForgefathersThe Mantic – Golem Warpath Display Board will be on show and the guys will be on hand to talk more about it, in between painting seminars of course!

Anyway, if you fancy finding out more, hanging out with the Mantic gang or just playing some games, we hope to see you there!

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