Dwarf Army Set

What is there to say about a horde of 40 Dwarf Ironclads, 30 Dwarf Ironwatch and 2 Ironbelcher warmachines?

Some might say that’s a lot of figures.

Well, it wasn’t enough for us so we added 15 Dwarf Shieldbreakers in as well as a copy of the Kings of War ruleset, a Dwarf Poster Guide and a bucket load of Mantic Points for good measure. What does this give us? The Dwarf Army Set of course, we are pretty happy with ourselves for what we feel is an incredible boxset, we slapped a mindboggling price tag of only £45/€55/$75 on it too. Let’s not say we don’t know how to do things properly.

Shipping on the 15th November, this actually means you will get hold of the Dwarf Shieldbreakers two weeks before their main release date, alongside all you need to get a Dwarf Army built up ready for the tabletop.

So what are you waiting for? Order yours here now!

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