Venerable Civilizations join the fight for Nexus Psi

With the Deadzone rulebook we crammed in all of the rules, abilities, and campaign system mechanics into one very tight book. With the Nexus Psi supplement we explored the background of the first four factions and presented a linked campaign for battles planet-side. The bulk of this book is compelling background, and we can’t wait to share these stories with you, but there are some great new models and rules included too!


Now, we’re back with the third book: Deadzone – Incursion, as announced on our Kickstarter messages.

Faction Focus

With Deadzone: Incursion we introduce two new factions to the game: the Asterians and the Forge Fathers.

Inside cover 1

For the first time ever, we explore the background of the mysterious Asterians and we expand on the existing lore of the Forge Fathers and the Star Realm.


Not only that but we also divulge details on Enforcer Peacekeeper Armour, Pathfinder Snipers, Strider and Stuntbot!


To support the raft of new models that are accompanying this book, Deadzone: Incursion introduces new abilities such as Remote, Life Support and Toxic Smokescreen, new equipment like Gunshield, Defender Shield and Shield Generator, as well as new environmental scenery rules for doors, ramps and the Municipal Defence Platform – and more!


Deadzone: Incursion also allows you to expand your games in new ways, by adding more players or more mats – easily allowing you to change the dynamic of the game – and if that’s not all, Deadzone: Incursion also details Code 13 missions for upping the points value for scenarios and campaign to counter the new threat, and includes a bonus scenario: Divide and Conquer, exclusively featuring the Peacekeepers!


All in all there’s a whole lot of stuff beautifully presented to expand your games and your Deadzone collection in new and exciting ways.

And all this is coming VERY soon – interested?

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